2015 reading goal

I am a reader. As in, total nerd. We regularly visit the library and I always have an audio book on tap that I listen to while cleaning, driving, exercising, etc. I recently migrated my “to read” list onto Goodreads from an Amazon wish list. It’s made a world of difference for organizing and adding books.

This year I’ve decided to read all those books I’ve added to my list but have never touched. Some have been sitting on the list for years. I tend to go to the library or bookstore and choose something new and exciting to read, while amassing recommendations on my list that I ignore for the most part. Some are physical books on my shelves that I’ve purchased but have never read.

Last week I took everything on the list, deleted ones I’m no longer interested in and sorted it into categories (again, nerd alert). There are a lot of books still listed and it’s not completely realistic that I’ll finish them all. But I’ll consider it a success if I don’t pick up anything that’s not already listed.

I’m utilizing Goodreads reading challenge for 2015 to track my progress. And hopefully encourage me to stay on track.

Here they are by category, but in no particular order:















Cookbooks I’d like to own:

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3 Comments on “2015 reading goal

  1. Amazing list! I think I’m taking your list of memoir/biographies, food and faith! 🙂 Good compilation and hefty goal!

  2. You have a few of my favorites on there – 1) Give them grace – the best Gospel-filled parenting book I’ve read!
    2) Loving the little years – very helpful in keeping an eternal perspective in the mundane dailyness of mothering.
    3) One Thousand Gifts – definitely helped me in cultivating a heart of gratitude. She’s a great writer.
    4)Treasuring God in our traditions – best Christ-centered book about traditions. I highly recommend it!

    Btw, Great Christmas card you sent! Not sure if you heard about our transition. You can read about it – cityofjoyfellowship.org.

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