2015 Reading Goal: March Update

March was a whirlwind for us. We made the decision to start looking for a home to purchase in the area. For me the search swung from “we’re going to live off the land with an outhouse in the boonies” to “this is the perfect home!” within a matter of two weeks. After our offer was accepted we’ve been keeping a frenetic pace to line up financing, inspections, ALL THE PAPERWORK, showings for our current home, and packing along with the details of our normal routine.

Needless to say, I haven’t sat down to read very often, but here is what I finished in March, both I listened to as audiobooks.

My Life In France by Julia Child

This was an interesting read, though I found it difficult to fully engage with it. Previously I only knew the commonly known basics about Julia Child’s life. I’ve seen her TV show a handful of times over the years, but I don’t currently own any of her cookbooks. The book skirts the line between essay style memoir stories and chronologial autobiography. While overall the method works there were times I found myself wondering why they left chronological details out until I remembered it was supposed to lean towards essay style.

Perhaps the most interesting part, to me, was the full scope of a life written in a book. Julia herself was in her late eighties and early nineties when she wrote the book with Alex Prud’Homme, and she died during the writing process. The perspective of having lived an entire life time lends itself to wisdom and ‘hind sight’ perspective. It’s interesting to ponder an entire lifetime and choose what to say about it.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

I found this book to be fascinating in almost every aspect. It is well written and engaging, especially considering a majority of the book is presenting research and studies to present the habit theories. Duhigg examines human behavior and psychology as it relates to our habits both by choice and involuntarily. I learned the reasoning behind why we develop the habits we do which also equips us to change the habits we no longer want to have.

Reading this book has triggered an ongoing introspective period for me. There are habits I’d like to develop – running, drinking enough water, sleeping better – and in thinking about how to take steps forward to develop them into habits I’ve started to really think about what I spend my time doing and why. I’m finding that the commitments I make are always at the sacrifice of something else and I’m weighing my options differently. I’d like to find balance and develop healthy habits.

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