an easter meal

I love cooking for holidays. I love learning why people eat what they do for traditions. I love having a crowded table and many side dishes. The din of chatter and excitement of children. Menu planning is enjoyable and I’m a nerd that finds satisfaction in putting a meal together within parameters of allergies and dislikes and traditional foods.

We have a family that lives near us that are good friends from our college years. Neither of us have extended family in town and we often celebrate the holidays together when we’re not traveling. For the Easter meal I needed to take into consideration: seven children under 10; no MSG and gluten-free (most or all of the dishes); the odd position of living in a house that is partially packed for moving along with trying to eat through our freezer and cabinets and while conserving our food budget.

Here is the meal we enjoyed:

deviled eggs – Josh asked for ‘normal’ ones, so I suppressed my desire to make all the exciting recipes I saw.

honey bourbon glazed ham – This one failed, sadly. The ham was delicious, but generally a spiral cut ham is. The honey bourbon glaze seized on me and I could not get it to recover. I fell back on the brown sugar glaze packet that came with the ham. It tasted fine but solidified quickly. Most of us dipped our ham in the whiskey butter glaze from the carrots.

chipotle scalloped potatoes from The Homesick Texan, Lisa Fain – These have been a staple at the last few holiday meals. I find they are the perfect creamy, cheesy potatoes with a good spicy flavor to cut through the richness.

whiskey-glazed carrots from The Pioneer Woman – Whiskey and butter is always a good plan.

dinner rolls – I used frozen Rhoades ones as I didn’t have time to make them from scratch

fresh pineapple – I personally love pineapple and ham together.

lemon cheesecake w/ brown sugar almond crust – This dessert was the winner! I don’t often make cheesecakes. Josh doesn’t like them and I’d prefer to not eat an entire one myself. This one had a lighter, more fluffy texture than most and the three layers took it up a notch.

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